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He now leads Plant Chicago’s Technology Demonstration projects, working closely with staff, other building tenants and outside professionals to investigate the latest in food and energy reuse. Previous to Plant Chicago, Eric worked for seven years in the ornamental aquarium industry.

Named as one of Inc Magazine's “Top 3 College Town Incubators" and as one of Forbes' "12 Business Incubators Changing the World," EnterpriseWorks is an incubator facility and resource center for science and technology focused entrepreneurs.

Mar 17,  · The North Shore Technology Corridor connects business incubator efforts in Lake Forest and Waukegan. Lake Forest's business incubator is extending its reach northward through a Chicago Tribune. The conclusions seem obvious: don't fall behind the technology curve, don't fall so deeply in love with innovation that you never consider practicality, don't lose sight of what business you are in.

Business plan formats can vary though most follow a somewhat typical outline. Below is an example template that you can use though this is only a suggestion.

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You should include the information and organize the plan in a way that best represents your idea.

Business plan technology incubator chicago
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5 Questions To Ask Before Entering An Incubator