Digi business plan

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Digi PhoneFreedom 365 Is A New Device Ownership Plan with Upgrade Option and Zero Upfront Fee

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If not read this Mobile World article. Basically, the new plan allow calls for as low as 12sen/min to all domestic numbers and 1sen/sms if you use RM1 worth of SMS, all these within the day. Is DiGi trying to encourage its prepaid users to send more SMS?

Digi wins in this category as all their plans come with a rollover feature, though the amount of data varies per plan. Plans like Digi Postpaid 68 and above have a rollover quota of 2GB and above, which is a lot more than the First Blue Plan by Celcom with only 1GB.

Elevate your business experience in the growing digital age with Digi. Discover our suite of business solutions and services and enjoy roaming freedom, customised solutions, and dedicated customer support with a digital ready network. Learn more here. Digi created Omni as an affordable all-in-one solution for corporate communication needs.

The service targets SMEs, startups, freelancers, and others who are looking for a business phone system. The app was officially released on 2 August Good news for business user & corporate company.

The Digi-Key difference

Newly launch DiGi's biz plan name Go DiGi come with 4 optional plans. All come with unlimited local voice call & sms. Digi is a leading Internet service provider in Cambodia since We focus on our products and services provisioning in Phnom Penh, bringing fun, entertainment and education to Cambodian families, by connecting their homes to the world of Internet.

Digi business plan
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