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Mini Andén

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How to Write A Mini-Grant Proposal

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The template for your mini-project proposal is on the following page. Please leave all black text intact.

Please replace text in all red areas with the information appropriate to your proposal and convert this text to all black type. Mini-Research Proposal The effects of a small learning community on academic achievement. Beginning with the End in Mind. Keywords • Urban schools • Public Schools – New Jersey • Large Student population () • Small learning community • High School • Student Acheivement.

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In this day and age, constant education is a necessity. Employees need to develop their skills or risk falling behind the level of their peers, both inside and outside their current workplace.

A mini-grant proposal is typically only two pages. This is quite a bit different from the usual 20 pages. For this reason, the funders do not expect the same information or impact of a typical grant proposal.

Mini Research Proposal Introduction Thisresearch will be conducted in connection to employee issues regarding management, leadership, advancement opportunities and rewards.

The research will determine how these variables relate with each other.

Mini proposal
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