Wahm cloth diaper business plan

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Sushi and tex-mex lover, fan of adventure, books, natural health talk, and pyjamas. Jun 14,  · If you draw up a business plan, and get some info on other successful diaper services, you should be able to get some funding or a bank loan.

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WAHM Diapers, the Craze, and the Purpose. June 13, by Suzi 18 Comments. WAHM Diapers Are Works of Art.

WAHM Diapers, the Craze, and the Purpose

Making cloth diapers is not so easy. A small business puts far more money back in a local economy than a big box store. It’s a way of keeping your money in your area or at least in your country. Diaper Rite Newborn Cover: This cover has double leg gussets and flaps inside to hold prefolds, flats or inserts in usagiftsshops.com waterproof PUL used in Diaper Rite styles is always very soft and pliable.

The wings have a lot of stretch in them, a feature I love in a cloth diaper. The entire cover is finished with a nice foldover, stitched trim around the wings and leg openings. Years ago when we published our Behind the Diapers article series we focused on makers of cloth diapers However as the cloth diaper industry grew we saw small makers have become larger manufacturers, thereby allowing more work at home (WAHM) cloth diaper retailers to enter in the marketplace.

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